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     A wonderful time at the Towners Wednesday night. We had a delicious dinner out on their new patio, I got to see samples for their upcoming home improvement projects, have Joe show me around the yard to identify what's a weed and what's not, and just catch up in general.

     I got an 'itch' scratched on Saturday! Nearly three weeks ago, I walked through a lovely neighborhood I'd discovered during a detour on my drives to the park and ride lot. However, the really fancy houses with the gated entrances were too far back in the woods for me to get more than tantalizing glimpses of them. I figured I'd have to wait for November or March to walk through there again with no leaves to block the view. But today when checking rental listings, I was amazed to find one of those houses up for rent...for $12,000 a MONTH. Reason being, it's a small castle. The pictures in the Zillow posting are inside and out and far better than I'd see from the road. Hence, my curious itch has been least for that property!

     I haven't worked myself into an early grave quite yet, and Saturday also brought me to the finish line with the final review of my third Geren novel. Three down, two to go!
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