Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
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Workweek blessings:

     Hot and sticky weather for most of the week renewed my gratitude for my wonderful portable AC and central air. It was also perfect weather for a delicious batch of cold emerald soup that hit the spot wonderfully!

     Tuesday at the park and ride lot, I was surprised to spot a pair of small rodents that reminded me of kangaroo rats, but I didn't think those lived in Minnesota. Turns out they were woodland jumping mice, which I'd never seen before--very neat!

     Blessed by a dream Thursday morning which led me to the discovery that something I'd assumed had been cancelled due to COVID-19 is still planned to happen. I'm looking forward to it!

     Also on Thursday, enjoyed my last free lunch at my employer's cafeteria. The end of July brought an end to free parking, and the end of August to free lunches, but what a blessing to have those resources available for months!

     During work from home Friday, I spotted a hummingbird in the garden on my patio. A female ruby-throated, undoubtedly on migration. She liked the lantana, checked out the morning glories flowers, but they were wilting as it was late morning, and turned up her nose at the black-eyed Susan vines.
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