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Labor Day weekend blessings:

     Another Minnesota smorgasbord for Labor Day weekend weather--Saturday was amazing, Sunday was warm, windy, and sticky, while Monday started cool and then turned into a rain-out. So I'm grateful I got out for short walks twice.

     Saturday morning I explored the cul-de-sacs in a nearby neighborhood. Lots of lovely houses tucked away, but the one that really tickled me was the blue one that reminded me of a real-life dollhouse.

     On my way back from the Farmer's Market, which I drove to right after my walk, I was thrilled to spot a black squirrel. Fortunately I was on a small street, so I could stop and take photos out the window without disrupting traffic too much!

     Monday morning I took a walk at part of the nearest regional park I've never been to before, because it's primarily designed for horseback riders and campers. The weather was cool and delightful and I really enjoyed the walk.

     And Monday is also very special because I finally reached the end of my long project of editing and rewriting the five Geren novels. I started it, according to my journal, on July 27, 2014; so it took me a little over six years and one month. I'm looking forward to getting to bed on time again after these last grueling weeks in particular, and having time to read as well!
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