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     Got together with the Towners Tuesday evening and also saw some friends of theirs I hadn't seen in a while, who helped me move last year, so that was great too. It was a nice evening.

     Thanks to my gift card, I got lunch and dinner out of a Freshii order on Thursday--just added some veggies and fake meatballs to make it provide two meals. I could get used to this way too fast!

     After two failed attempts to coordinate with Cindy for a walk, Friday afternoon we finally succeeded, since I had taken off work early for an appointment. It was gloomy and threatening rain, but that just meant the regional park was not busy. We walked for over two and a half hours, and I had the fun of introducing her to spotted touch-me-nots (the seed pods 'explode' when touched). It was great to get to catch up since we hadn't seen each other since late July.

     On Sunday morning I got out for a walk again and I had plenty of time since I registered for the later church service. It stayed foggier later than I expected, and I spent a few hours hiking the entire loop around the north side of the river, which I had never managed before since I always ran out of time in the past. Enjoyed seeing swans, beautiful foggy scenery, and meadows full of flowers.
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