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Recent bright spots:

     Literal brights spots abound--thanks to the very cool nights near the beginning of the month, with early frost in places, many sumacs and some other trees have started changing color. Makes for a pleasant change from recent warm autumns where color doesn't start until October.

     On Saturday I took Joe for a bike ride on some paths fairly close to where I live that were new to him. They don't make a nice loop or a long ride yet, but we did get up to 17 miles total. Beautiful weather and a great time. Can't forget the baby snapping turtle I found in the NWR and moved off the path. Wish I'd thought to get a photo of it!

     Then after the bike ride Joe, Mary, and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel--first time for all of us since the start of COVID, and though we had to wait a while to get in, we had a great time.

     On Sunday I went to the later church service again so I could take a walk and enjoy the morning in a nearby neighborhood. It was great, except for said neighborhood being too close to a noisy interstate.

     A surprise treat--since my teammate is in the office doing training this week, he offered for me to do work from home on Tuesday, which is usually one of my days in the office. So instead of three days in the office, it's two, nice!
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