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Recent blessings:

     After waiting for around two months, I was delighted to finally get off the waiting list and have an appointment date for my next spiritual healing session.

     I'm tremendously grateful for my wonderful manager, who brought my big prayer request to the prayer group she leads, and has given me follow-up more than once.

     Thanks to taking Monday off and squeezing my food shopping in during my lunch break on Friday, I could dedicate Friday evening and nearly the entire day Saturday to watching 'The Return' livestream from the Washington mall, and I was really blessed.

     Since I had Monday off, I got together with Joe and Cindy for a bike ride on the new five mile loop by Stillwater, that crosses the beautiful St Croix River at two locations, which means we cross into Wisconsin also. Never done a bike ride across state borders before...or one in which we were so rained on. But that just means we all want to do it again on a day with better weather!

     Really blessed by a parable I drove through on Monday, after experiencing a parable walk in the NWR on September 13th that repeated a theme in MOA on the 12th, and then a parable drive with a similar theme on the 26th. They all had to do with needing to find my way without a map, trying to find signs to get on the right path or find my destination, and were plainly related to my big prayer request. But Monday's was the most vivid and the most encouraging. All these closed places, having to follow signs with no map (again), and being led to a new place that was better than any of the spots I was trying to get to! What an encouragement during this time of vast uncertainty!
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