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Sundry joys:

     Blessed to see rainbows two days back-to-back! Wednesday evening, driving to church under very strange weather--the radar showed scattered storms like polka-dots across a good part of the state. I noticed sun breaking through in the west while I drove through a downpour, so I looked east. The rain was so heavy I could barely see the rainbow past all that falling water, but it was there! Then the next morning while riding the bus to work, I happened to look up out of the eBook I was reading and was shocked to see a huge morning rainbow, when it was hardly even sprinkling. What a treat!

     The apple cider I bought at the apple orchard on Monday is just delicious. And their Honeycrisp apples are so good I remembered why I'm completely spoiled by best-in-the-world local-grown Minnesota apple cultivars!

     Now that it's past the equinox and the dark half of the year is upon us, that brought the opportunity to take out my Starfire spheres. I've had the first one almost four years now and I hope to enjoy them for many years to come.

     Blessed by an open door! I recently discovered my library system provides a free Lynda account, which is a huge blessing. Because while my employer also provides a free LinkedIn Learning account, I can only access it via my work laptop when I'm at work, so it's not suitable for personal learning. But Lynda through the library is perfect, because I can go back and refresh on all the WordPress training I took two years ago, download the training materials, do it on my own time, and learn the new stuff since Gutenberg/block editor came out after my 2018 training. This means I can finally move ahead with the writer/illustrator website I've been wanting to set up. And thanks to my wonderful brother being self-employed, I can do it far more affordably than it would have been for me back in 2018. What a huge blessing!
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