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Recent blessings and joys:

     Got out Sunday morning before church for a walk through my favorite nearby neighborhood. I wanted to visit lots of cul-de-sacs that I don't drive in, so my 'short' walk ended up being over five miles. The colors were delightful and it was an enjoyable morning. While I initially fell madly in love with one house when I first discovered the area in the summer of 2019, I think I'm up to about 15 'favorites' now!

     I took Monday off work to play catch-up for being gone most of Saturday. The morning brought shopping and chores, but in the afternoon I got out to visit some friends with gifts. Blessed that my memory was good enough to actually find the home of my coworker friend who was diagnosed with Covid, so I could leave a bag of sweets on her door. And since I was in an area of St Paul I don't generally get near, perfect excuse to swing by the Johnson's next with a gift for them too. We had a great time talking for an hour or so, and then I was sent off with raspberries, plums, trail mix, and cookies! I intentionally took a long, meandering route home through various scenic areas, and glad I did, since the wind these past days is ripping down the leaves fast.

     Tuesday was back to work, but brought a treat in the evening: my monthly get-together with the Towners. I got to see the finished results of the big renovation project that forced them to live in their basement the past few weeks. Then we had a great meal at a Mexican restaurant a friend of theirs recommended.

     My second spiritual healing session went very well Wednesday afternoon, even if I still haven't reached breakthrough yet.
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