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In commending this volume to the reader, I wish to leave Darwinists with this closing thought: You've had it way too easy until now. It is no longer creditable to conflate informed criticism of Darwinism with ignorance, stupidity, insanity, wickedness, or brainwashing. Informed critiques of Darwinism have consistently appeared ever since Darwin published his Origin of Species (cf. the work of Louis Agassiz, St. George Mivart, Richard Goldschmidt, Pierre Grasse, Gerald Kerkut, and Michael Polanyi). Unfortunately, because Darwinism's myths are so entrenched, such critiques have until now been unable to reach a critical mass and actually overthrow Darwinism. That is now changing. We'll know that a critical mass has been achieved when it becomes widely acceptable among intellectuals to challenge Darwinism. When that happens--when it becomes acceptable to say that the emperor has no clothes--Darwin's actual theory will assume the modest role in science that it deserves and Darwinism's grandiose pretensions will become dissertation fodder for nineteenth- and twentieth-century history. In other words, Darwinism will be history.
William A. Dembski, Uncommon Dissent: Intellectuals Who Find Darwinism Unconvincing

      *happy squeak*

     Oh, how that cheers me! How that cheers me! Even if I don't live to see one of my greatest dreams fulfilled--the downfall of Darwinism and the freeing of beautiful Science from that vile tyranny--or even if it happens far too late in my life for me to ever return to graduate school and take up biology again...even then--it will happen! That mountain of lies cannot endure forever!
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