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It's been a hard week, with a few painful kicks in the teeth regarding two of my three favorite days in the year: Thanksgiving and t'DoL's birthday. But as ever, blessings still abound:

     As part of Fraud Awareness week my employer had a special seminar by a former CIA guy with an amazing resume--testifying in over 2000 cases involving relating to computer crimes. But the presentation itself was so engaging it felt almost like watching a movie! Just a blessing to get to hear from somebody of that caliber.

     The science lover in me had fun geeking out over these amazing images of Mars. If you can cross your eyes to make it 3d, even better!

     I finally had the right Thursday of the month free of meetings and aligned properly in other ways, so that I could get down to the new monthly blood drive that happens in the city in these Covid-19 days, since the drives at my workplace are cancelled. And I succeeded, yay!

     Saturday's weather was wonderful--near 40, sunny, with little wind. Perfect to have Cindy come over and go for a walk. Very, very fun for me, because I finally got to share my favorite neighborhood with somebody, and she enjoyed it too.

     Had fun this evening helping a coworker practice on Zoom. And learned something new too, which is always nice!
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