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Even against such awful times as last week, delights and blessings remain:

     My replacement for my external hard drive that broke is amazing. It's solid state, with USB-c so I'm not trying to plug it in 3 times, and USB 3.1 speed. I was blown away to copy over 14 Gb onto it in less than two minutes! I wish I could tell my younger self, back in those 1.44 Mb floppy disk days, what was coming!

     Fun to come back to work after my time off and find Christmas cards and goodies waiting on my desk. (Like I needed more goodies, ha ha.)

     Blessed by some website progress on Saturday with no hitches at all. The slowest part was actually researching best practices on naming CSS classes (doesn't match VB naming at all) and figuring out where in the style sheet made the most sense to put my code. And the code worked first time, like it was simple, because that's what it was and how it should work!

     While putting away Christmas decorations, I discovered I could fit a string of LED fairy lights (that I'd bought to decorate Schleffie with years back) inside an art glass vase I'd bought at the State Fair. The glass design on the vase begs to have light inside it, and the color changing LEDs make it look amazing. Now I get to enjoy it in my bedroom as a replacement for the Italian Christmas lights I put away.

     On Sunday afternoon, Cindy and I took advantage of the mild January weather to take a walk near her home. It was a treat walking along the Vermillion River at the places where it hadn't frozen over yet, but the highlight was definitely seeing the amazing ice around the falls, pictures can't do it justice!

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