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I have been enjoying the peculiar sensation of 'power' lately.

     Our department is getting ready to move to the new building later this year. For real this time, not like the last half-decade of it being mentioned at intervals but nothing coming of it.

     Got to see the floor plan for 'my' half of the department (which will be on a separate floor from Greg's half). I was talking to my boss about it and mentioned that I didn't like where they were putting my cubicle. So she told me to change it--switch around whatever and whomever's spots I liked!

     That was Friday. This morning I had a meeting invitation from her in my inbox, scheduled for this afternoon, to talk about the floor plan. So I had to scramble and do what Greg has been messing with for months--cutting out little paper diagrams of cubicles and stations and shuffling them around like puzzle pieces. (My job is so much easier because I've got space in spades, whereas he's trying to stuff a sardine can, poor fellow.)


     Didn't tell any of 'my people' much of what I was doing, though. Otherwise they'd all be screeching for window spots and arguing with each other and nothing would get decided. They can be mad at me after it's too late to change it! ;D
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