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A good day for finishing some things and continuing others.

     This morning I finished my book 1 avatar, at last! Feels so good, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

     I also finished fiction reread 80, for which I picked Watership Down, among my top five favorites. That book amazes me anew every time I reread it. If I could do world-building half as thorough and brilliant as Richard Adams does in that book, I shall have done very well indeed. Watched the movie today as well, which is far inferior (but gives me chance to drool over Frith ;)

     And for continuing, I did some work on my terrarium. Planted some new plants today, which will hopefully do well, and did some uprooting, cleaning, and pruning as well. And started a log, since I neglected to do so last year--it was funny digging up my first photo and finding out how much some of the plants have grown and things have changed since then.
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