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I did something new today.

     I ordered a Dominos pizza online and drove over and picked it up! In my eight years of living at my apartment, despite being a pizza freak, I've never ordered pizza because:
1) I loathe making phone calls
2) I dread the prospect of having to have exact change (when I rarely keep much or any cash on me)
3) I also dislike the idea of showing random young guys where I live. Can't request gender on a pizza deliverer, after all! ;)
     One Dominos large pizza gives me four yummy meals (I'll add in corn on the cob or salad). I LOVE the internet!

     I did my food shopping after church this evening, so I wound up driving home later than usual--after 8. I was out putting food in my car in the parking lot of Cub and noticed the sky--little clouds fusing into thicker masses all across the sky--it made me think of something a painter would do, because there were splashes of gold and other pastels here and there.

     Then I got on the road. In the west, the clouds fused into a solid dark lavender-blue sheet that came to an abrupt end just shy of the horizon. I couldn't see the sun itself, but its RAYS--they came up under the edge of that cloudmass in such a fire of red-orange magenta it was just astounding. I'm glad I was driving in that direction so I could watch both it and the road rather than be too distracted! It deepened to pure magenta fire and was mostly faded away by the time I got home--oh, but the clear sky along the horizon was such an interesting tangerine-salmon-pink laid over greyish-cream--like pastels that could be seen through, really. Of course words fall utterly short. Makes me wish I had a way to have a second camera always stashed in my car, for days like this. Thank God for His handiwork! I was thinking of Psalm 19 on the way home. =D
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