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Shouts · of · Joy

Running behind again and posting about something that happened…

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Running behind again and posting about something that happened Tuesday.

     I went to the Vue Forums Tuesday for the first time in a long time; no point frequenting that place when unable to do art due to depression--would only make me feel worse. But yesterday I dropped by and skimmed a few posts, then went looking in the Poser-Vue section, which was why I had come.

     And there I found what I had been longing for for many months--a solution to the horrid way Poser dynamic hair renders when brought into Vue.

     Couldn't let myself flip out with delight or get too hopeful, as I was still at work, and I couldn't test it until I got home. But last night, that's just what I did, all evening long.

     And it worked!

     Words fall short of what that made me feel. Like dungeon doors being thrown open and golden light streaming in; a view of glorious vistas. All those projects that had been held behind a wall of uncertainty--now free at last. I'd recently sorted out my projects and flagged those I could do in Poser alone...but now I don't need to be stuck with avatar-sized images or distant shots of characters in Vue anymore. EEEE!

     (A before and after shot with some babbling)

     I could kiss the fellow who discovered this! I'm so glad he felt as frustrated about the situation as me, but had more experience, savvy, and rendering power and was able to find a solution. So yes, most every silver lining does have a cloud attached, and in this case, my sample render linked above took 10 times as long as the 'before' shot--20 minutes versus 2. But I can live with that.

     Haven't had something so wonderful fall like gold from heaven since... since... since... A very long time.
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On August 16th, 2007 05:24 pm (UTC), hyarmi_records commented:
I would never have guessed at doing what he did--making the hair 86% transparent--I'd have though you'd just see bald heads through that! I'm so glad he had the time and persistance to figure it out.

Me too! Also good it's pretty dead in that particular area, as he posted his breakthrough way back in June near my birthday. It would have been long buried on a busier forum.