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Had my Performance Review at work today--a six-month interval because of my promotion in the spring. Not that anything was really new to me, because my boss made me write it myself. Should find out in a little while what my raise is.

     My coworkers have been pretty excitable this week. We recently installed an in/out board (in preparation for the move, among other things). Of course we're all having a hard time remembering to use it. So this afternoon when I came back from getting something, I casually glanced at it to make sure everyone had remembered to check themselves back in after lunch. Then I saw that Corey's marker was in the 'out' position...and written in the notes column: "out pooping." I step over and saw that he was sitting at his desk, then incredulously ask him about the message. He jumps right up and goes over there to erase it--it was Kyle that had written it, not him! I think I spent the next five minutes trying to stifle my snickering. (Good thing my boss hadn't come over!)

     Ah well, makes for a diversion. Yesterday Corey and Kyle were tormenting Dawn all afternoon with photocopies of bugs (Nancy started it as vengeance for Dawn lying to her.) The funniest part (aside from her jumping and screeching every time she found a new one somewhere) was the way she picked each one up with a large tissue to deposit in the waste basket, like it was a real bug!
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