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Shouts · of · Joy

Today, I am glad that it was grey and gloomy and cool and dank and…

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Today, I am glad that it was grey and gloomy and cool and dank and rainy all day long. Made for a lovely, slow-paced lazy day, but more than that, it's very needed in my state. I was distressed when I checked the drought report yesterday--despite all the thunderstorms of late, things have mostly stayed the same or gotten worse, rather than better. Hopefully today and tonight will help.

     Another thing I'm grateful for is Arun's healing. Today I did the cats' nail-clipping, which I do every other weekend. Two weeks ago, when I clipped Arun's nails (after a 4 week gap due to my schedule getting wrecked by my room flooding) I discovered the poor fellow had completely ripped out the 'pinky' nail on his front left foot. It was sensitive and he wouldn't let me inspect it, but since he didn't favor that foot and it wasn't oozing anything, I guessed he was not infected. Today when I checked it, he wasn't so averse to having the toe handled, and I could see a little nub where the claw would have come from. No redness or swelling or scabbing--it's on the mend! Remains to be seen if/how long before he grows a claw there again.

     Just finished a test render of t'DoL and his little sister--that took over six hours. Remind me not to do that again! But now all that remains is final tweaks and finding some way or compromise with getting them into the setting I made without it crashing every single time like it did this morning. So close!
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