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Firstly, I'm grateful for Trader Joe's Spicy Cider. The cool weather this weekend gave me an excuse to open the bottle my mom had brought with her luggage back in June. Yum, YUM!

     Secondly, I'm grateful for turkey basters. They're such marvelous things, they really are. Especially when being used to bail in excess of six gallons of water coming into my closet. At nearly 2 ounces on a 'perfect' pull, that was over 384 squeezes with the baster in about an hour and a half this afternoon. Great hand exercise! (And the fact that I've gotten so much better at it means my hands are hardly sore at all.)

     I am also very grateful for my gardening kneeler. My back is very sore from leaning far forward to reach the deepest water--but my knees aren't sore at ALL!

     I'm glad it's cool enough I can leave the windows open again tonight. Because if it rains again after two days of it, I'll be running to the closet in haste to resume bailing. I'm grateful my parents aren't living in their old house, because they'd be having a miserable weekend.

     And I'm pleased I made progress on all three art projects I mentioned in my post on my main LJ last weekend. Haven't quite finished any of them, but I'm getting real close!
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