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I'm grateful that I didn't hear any heavy rain last night, so I didn't have to get up and bail. Me carcass is sore enough already.

     And I didn't just finish one art project today--I finished two! The foreground render for my 'One Shining Day' illustration ran for 8 hours Sunday night (since I screwed up one tiny thing when I ran it Saturday night) and I was able to assemble and tweak the wallpaper sized version Monday morning before work. I e-mailed it to my mom first along with Saturday afternoon's long test render, since I told her she should see the illustrations to her story first. It's so wonderful to have decent-looking hair and fluffy wings for Night-Yearning thanks to last week's glorious discovery. I'm quite enjoying having it as my wallpaper at work for this week. (As well as getting rid of that last red 'x' on my Portal Page!)

     And then, after work, I finished up my Council Hall illustration. 'Called a truce' might be a better term, since I had to compromise on so much and I certainly don't like it enough to post on Elfwood. Still, feels good to not be pulling my hair or banging my head against things struggling with it anymore. It's tolerable, and that's good enough!

     Got some craft painting done this evening too--all that remains is the last and most challenging stage (since I've never worked with interference paints before). Lovely to be rolling ahead!

     The good stuff wasn't just limited to before and after work today. No, because I found out my pay raise already! And it was a fair bit bigger than I was expecting. Goes into effect September 1st, thank you God!
Tags: art, moolah, one shining day
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