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Today I am happy that:

     I found my ring! I'd noticed it was missing Monday morning, and even went so far as to search through my vacuum cleaner bag for it. But I'd just brainlessly put it in the wrong room, heh.

     I'm also very grateful that after a lot of prayer and dithering this morning, I made the right choice. See, I've been basically up since 3 am because a thunderstorm went through and I didn't want flooding. I was on the verge of calling in to work because the forecast looked bad...but a little after 6 it got changed, so I took a chance and went to work. And it was the right choice! No significant rain all day, though there might be some tonight...

     I'm also feeling very blessed to have discovered a simply gorgeous gallery over my lunch today. Besides my enduring obsession with love for black wolves and black gryphons, I am also still quite crazy about black unicorns and black pegasus. So pictures like this and this just about got me happily peeing me pants today. *grins* And she sells prints...
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