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Happiness is...

     Celebrating the completion of my Poser Star figure by engaging in gratuitous Geren and Star mushiness.

     Happiness is also a wonderful day at the Minnesota State Fair! Caught the 8:00 bus and was there from 8:30 to 4:30 today. This was my first time going alone without my mom. The weather was, well, warm for me, but as perfect a summer day for this time of year as could be hoped.

     Some highlights:
-The 'Last Chance Forever' Raptor center show is always fabulous; this year aside from the usual 'regulars,' I got to see a black vulture (Eee!) and a screech owl. That screech owl looked so tiny and cute out there next to the barred owl and great horned owl!

-Didn't want to pay for the horse show this year, so I went to the free judging for the miniature horses halter classes. What fun! Especially the spunky little colt (appropriately named Rebel) that kept bucking and acting up and letting out these darling treble whinnys!

-Monster pumpkins up to 900 pounds/408 Kg in the Agriculture/Horticulture building, as well as a cup of honey lemonade for only $1 (most drinks out there cost a fair bit more). What an interesting pairing of flavors!

-The highlight for me was my time in the Poultry Barn. First I ogled the rabbits (only my second time getting to see those) and then I checked out the pigeons. Some of the things they breed those poor birds' bodies to do just sicken me--but it was perfect for taking loads of photos for avii plumage references. Got a few of some of the chickens, too. Now I can remake my avatar for my Triune page...

     All in all, a great day.
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