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Well, once again the State Fair cookies I brought in were a hit at work. It's quite fun--I've done this a few years now, and I hope to keep doing it a few more. Price goes up every year though, and once it passes $15, I think I'll have to stop. Ah, but it is fun how happy those cookies make everybody (and how fast they started calling it a 'tradition' because they don't want it to end!). But who doesn't like fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies? ;)

     And, I finished my third run-through of the written half of book 4 today. Caught more this time because I changed the font before going through it--a fun little trick to try to get my brain to spot things better. Assuming I can get some decent sleep uninterrupted by thunderstorms (unlike last night) hopefully I can finish off the few small Hope's Passage tweaks pretty soon. Chugging ahead...

     It's also been wryly entertaining learning everything not to do using interference paints. I think I'm getting close to done with this craft-painting project though, and it just means I'll be all the wiser for the next one!
Tags: book 4: editing, job: coworkers

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