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I am pleased and honestly amazed that the power did not go out on me last night. That storm that hit--the lightning was simply incessant and the rain came down like a torrent and the thunder never stopped. I can't believe the power didn't go out! I went and lit a candle and was all prepared to start bailing by candlelight and flashlight. Well, I did bail, but by wonderful electrical light, instead. Just wow!

     The surprise bridal shower at work for Shelley this morning went off perfectly--she simply had no clue until she walked into that room. I did the decorations, my boss the cake and door prize, and Greg the game, and it went wonderfully. It just feels so good. =)

     I'm grateful that insanely busy workdays go insanely quickly. This week is charging along quite nicely!

     The storms passed to the north of my home today, and they passed to the south, but nothing very heavy fell at my place--for which I am immensely grateful, as there was still water standing in the back corner of my closet from the 3:30 am entertainment. And what comes through this evening I'll be home to deal with. Thank you, God!
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