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Today I'm grateful that...

     I could see my breath when I walked to the bus stop yesterday. What a lovely reminder of good things to come!

     My craft painting project got up on the Windstone Gallery far faster than I expected. Since the main forum moderator was heading off to DragonCon, I thought I might have to wait a bit. But no! Looking forward to starting my next one: a unicorn.

     It's Friday and the last day of August! Been a hard week for me emotionally, so I'm very grateful for my mom's comments and e-mails, as well as Christi's as she seems to keep changing the date for our going to the Renaissance Festival every few days. Reminds me of what I've got to look forward to!

     In light of that, I'm even the more touched by Pantha's kindness in dropping by my garden post and leaving comments, when she's been super-busy the last few weeks. What a treasure!
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