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Yesterday was even more productive than Saturday, perhaps because I didn't squander the morning doing laundry and trying to get spyware off my pc.

     But first, the delightful oddity of the day: at church last night, one of the pastors joined the band for the first song (Everybody Wants to go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die) and he played the saw! I'd never seen or heard of such a thing before--the sound was eerie and amazing. I want one!!

     I finished my Hope's Passage editing that I wanted done! Feels good to take it off my list until next year.

     Best of all, I actually finished my hyarmi essay! The nights have been rather warm this weekend, and the mornings very bright, so I got a light-induced headache when I woke up yesterday, and decided to 'keep' it. Worked perfectly--the headache took the pleasure out of thinking about doing artsy stuff and helped me focus on the tedium of hashing out the last unwritten section of the hyarmi essay.

     Still have plenty of polishing to do, but it's written. I took a look at the document properties, and found that it had been created on Sunday, May 21, 2000. Heh, that took me a little while. Here's hoping I get through the avarii essay just a trifle quicker!
Tags: essay: hyarmi, hope's passage
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