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This afternoon at work was too much fun. Dawn started off a game of Bible trivia by asking Kyle (who's going for a major in Divinity or somesuch and is studying ancient Greek this semester) for questions. Wound up being Dawn and Nancy as competitors and Kyle making up the questions, with Corey and I helping him out at times or just laughing too much over some of the answers. Even my boss Jodi dropped by and wound up joining us for a little. We were working...just not terribly quickly!

     After two days of 90 degree heat (32 C) and warm nights, my gratitude for air conditioning is renewed. If it weren't for that lovely blessing, the avarii essay-writing, Poser project work, and halfway decent meals of these last two evenings would probably not have happened. Thank God for air conditioning!
Tags: art, essay: avarii, job: coworkers
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