Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

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Today I am thankful that...

     It's a Friday!

     It's a PAYDAY Friday, and a much-anticipated one, due to trying to get my August 17 pay to last me 4 weeks, which felt a wretched eternity. So nice to have money again (for a day or two)!

     Getting a backdrop image done for my Triune pages. Might wind up overhauling it a few times out of pickiness, but it is nice to have something up!

     A nice lunch of pizza with Shelley and Sarin at a nearby bar. That was a good time, especially having Sarin there since we hardly ever talk. She (and Shelley) will go from being 'under Greg' to being 'under me' when the move occurs. So the lunch felt like a nice sort of 'bridge' in a sense.
Tags: job: coworkers, triune: misc
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