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Today I'm glad for...

     This second freeze coming along on a Friday night. That meant I could haul things (ie super-cold-sensitive impatiens and coleus) indoors, and leave them indoors until 9 am, whereas on a work day I have to either put them out in the cold before 7 am, or else leave them in my warm dark apartment all day. I'm glad my garden was sheltered enough that the other plants didn't take any damage.

     Not making more of a mess of things with the temperatures plunging so quickly. Brought my schefflera indoors for the winter, and got the fish tank heater plugged in...before badly chilling either plant or bettas!

     Minnesota Renaissance Festival with my friend Christi today! We had to keep it on the brief side (the joys of being a nursing mom to an 8-month old) but it was still fun to savor the sights and the food (corn-on-the-cob, onion rings, and cheesy bread sticks for me). Always fun to wear a cloak, too!
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