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All weeks draw to an end, including this one, for which I am immensely glad.

     I was delighted to succeed in giving blood at the drive at my work--my three donations goal for 2007 is met!

     I was very much cheered by the Windstone Forum--plenty of responses to my post there Tuesday evening about things that happened Tuesday. Answering comments there throughout Wednesday and into Thursday was a cherished blessing--and sure beats being disregarded and ignored here at LJ.

     I was blessed by a compassionate e-mail from my sister-in-law. Always a comfort to know there's at least one caring person in the world!

     I'm thankful for the delicious treat of savoring the homemade apple cider Christi gave me Tuesday. The smell is magnificent!

     I'm glad for progress on my avarii essay. Past the 5,000 word mark and 3 of 6 sections written. That feels good.

     I'm glad that the pall from Tuesday morning's nightmare is finally lifting a little. I haven't had a dream as terrible as that in years, and usually I can escape its 'shadow' by the next morning. I think I need 'next month' or 'next year' for this one...but the diversion of the funnel clouds, tornado warnings, and flooding was an added escape.

     I'm relieved that there were no confirmed (yet) tornado touch-downs, though a funnel cloud was sighted half a mile from my home.

     I'm pleased that I could grin at myself over the pull between obeying the tornado alarms vs attending to the floodwaters--oh well, at least the closet is sheltered too, and the cats were safely (and unhappily) shut in the bathroom. A tornado strike wasn't a certainty, but the flooding was.

     I'm grateful that the second line of storms passed by north of me. After bailing 5 and 1/2 gallons of water with my baster, mostly between 6:30 and 7:30--well, I was beat, and very glad to go to bed at a decent hour rather than staying up bailing some more!

     I'm glad for a night with no more storms!

     They just removed the 'Severe Thunderstorm alert' for the area, so I just might make it through the day without more storms hitting my place. Got old towels and a blanket down in my closet, but I'd much rather not find out how much water they can absorb.
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