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A new year always feels like a fresh slate. Time to look back on the prior year's accomplishments and build on them, time to put the failures behind.

     Time to think about goals.

     Of course the biggest goals are the lifelong ones, the ones I never 'arrive' at, can never check off a to-do list. Chiefest of all my desires, most supreme of all my endeavors, is my attempt to live my life in such a way that honors God, to use my abilities, gifts, and talents, small as they are, in a fashion that honors him. To bring every aspect of my life into alignment with the supreme Christian world view.

     That's what comes first. I also long to write tales of The Defender all the days of my life, but that comes second.

     I ponder over 2006, and I am pleased. Not that there weren't failures, of course there were! But I'm pleased to be making forward progress: in what and how much I give, in what I buy, in opening up some blind spots, in putting conscience ahead of gluttony or convenience. And of course, the beautiful, beautiful Golden Rule.

     So here's to 2007! To keeping my foundational goals in mind, to seeking God's will in every circumstance, to holding myself responsible for my actions/inactions, and not finding excuses to cover cruel deeds, as others have done. To always fight to keep my word, unlike the many who speak from emotion rather than commitment. To love, give, and help where I can.

     Whatever else it is, I have no doubt this year will be interesting!
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