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Firstly, I'm glad that Thursday night's jumbo storm was the end of it for now.

     Also glad for the chance to rake up a little overtime pay. Worked from 12:20 to 6:20--six hours today. I haven't done overtime since before my two raises this year, so I was fit to pinch myself when I calculated what time-and-a-half is for me now. Hee hee hee!

     All the data entry of late means I'm calling a halt to my avarii essay because I want to limit my at-home typing...but I still got a few illustrations done for it today, yay!

     Since the (non-chain) video store down the street went out of business this summer =( --I decided to try out a Netflix account. See what I think in my free month trial. But so far I'm liking it, because I can get out dvds for tv shows that have interested me. So tonight is cheese sticks and popcorn and episode two of Heroes.
Tags: essay: avarii, job: work, movies, mozzerella sticks, netflix, overtime
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