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First off--HURRAH FOR THE FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN!! Never mind it was a hot one and likely set a record--it's just a matter of time now (and I'd swear, that is if I had a memory, that it's been the greenest September I've ever seen. Probably all that rain!)

     So it was fun to put up a few autumn decorations today.

     Got another illustration done for the first section of my avarii essay--four down and one to go!

     And since it was so warm, I got to enjoy wearing one of my favorite at-home tops: the t'DoL top Brandi got me last summer. I loveses it! It couldn't fit better if I'd been strapped down and wrapped in measuring tape, and I like the little cap sleeves. And since I wear it at home, it doesn't matter it's a heat-attracting black color. Thanks again, Brandi! I'm really enjoying having it. =)
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