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Today I'm thankful for:

     A beautiful sunrise (and a swelling moon peering in through my window last evening).

     A swift, untroubled day at work (and my boss discovered the makeshift 'dart game' and was unperturbed).

     Being 'keeper of the cockroach' once again and not even caring it was on my desk (it was so obviously dead for a goodly while that my bizarre fear of 'zombie bugs' couldn't be bothered to manifest! ;)

     A surprise letter from Brandi! (I envy your letter-writing skills, me dear--and I quite like 'minya nouvelle' and your stationary. The font has a delightfully disheveled air to it. =)

     The storm passed through fast this evening and made little trouble, and now it should be autumn weather and no more storms at least for a while... (One local weatherman is convinced what hit a spot in Woodbury last Thursday was a small tornado. My mom and I found it a bit too close to my parents' old house for comfort--under 1.5 miles. One more reason for her to be happy she's 2000 miles away from this wacky weather!)
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