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I'm so glad the cool weather finally rolled in (I hope it heads Brandi's way next!). Because it just isn't right for Sacramento to be cooler than Minnesota. My place refused to cool down last night, but I'm looking forward to some good sleeping temps tonight!

     Happy that I noticed some color in the trees on my walk home today. There's one sugar maple in particular that will be fun to watch. And I saw a bluebird, too!

     Delighted by a sculptor I discovered through a link at the Windstone Forums. Beautiful, affordable, unique fantasy critters that look like they came out of a dream--just have to wait until she gets PayPal set up for this here non-Canadian shopper.

     Also pleased that I finally got Mountain-Frost's plumage right! Wasn't happy with it the first two times around, but today I at last came up with an acceptable version. Third time's the charm and I'm glad I didn't give up! (Yes, I know I only described her wings very briefly in Shanra's story, but my perfectionism was throttling me. =)

     I'm also delighted that I was able to work out my strategy for the illustrations for part 3 of my avarii essay (part 2 won't have any, part 1 is done). It's wonderful because it ties in with both of the things at the top of my Poser list at present. I love it when I can use the same bit of tedious leg-work for multiple ends!
Tags: birds: bluebirds, essay: avarii
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