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Bright spots in a grey day:

     I had a good dream this morning. Rare and wonderful indeed. Trapper Arun and his fledgling, eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

     Got two of four of the illustrations done for the third section of my avarii essay.

     So close to being done with the Poser figure I started 10 days back. I could call it done...except I know perfectionistic me will be fiddling some more tomorrow morning. But so close! Then the base figure will be done and I can start doing characters: Night-Wind, Dancing-Shadow, Mountain-Frost, and Winter-Mist (and may as well do Flying-Leaf too since I already made her wings). Getting close!

     The treat of making a custom hyarmi smiley on the revamped, semi-functioning Elfwood. That was far too fun.
Tags: dreams, essay: avarii

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