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Today I'm grateful for:

     Umbrellas, wonderful invention that they are. And I like my songbird umbrella. Yes, yet another morning of pouring rain while waiting for the bus, but now there's no rain in the forecast for the rest of the week!

     Getting to reread my 'A Song in the Twilight,' which I am far too fond of--and the happy realization that with 14 stories on my Portal Page, I can entertain myself with rereads for almost half a month, should I so choose. Lovely little treasure trove!

     After working on it Saturday and Sunday and this morning before work and right back at it after work...I finally have Night-Wind and Mountain-Frost up on my Triune page--and got the html working, too! The image isn't done, since there's a character missing, but it's done enough, and if I get him in there within half a year, I'd be shocked anyway.
Tags: song in the twilight
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