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I'm grateful for...

     Cool nights and cool days; autumn at last!

     Getting my new desk lowered. I called last Friday, nothing happened. My boss called Tuesday, and they were there in 15 minutes. I love my boss! Now hopefully the pain, strain, and weariness in my shoulders, neck, and back will go away.

     Lots of comments on my art page pictures Wednesday and Thursday, most prized being the ones on my latest upload. What a treat!

     Hearing from three people I haven't heard from in a long time: Ben, Sarah, and Anna.

     Rereading my 'The Swap.' Not quite as fun as Copper's 'Saltwater,' but some days I just love a simple, happy story.

     Forgot to turn on my alarm and overslept by almost an hour Thursday morning--I must have really needed the sleep, as I rarely need my alarm anyway. I'm glad I still made it out the door on time, albeit with no time for Vue or e-mails or much of anything else!

     Decent progress with my Triune site and on my current picture--at least on the Vue side of things.
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