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Today, I am...

     Extremely grateful and relieved that a close friend of the family did well with her surgery on Thursday. She could be out of the hospital as soon as Sunday, and a another blessing is that her son will be back from his service in Iraq on Monday. Thank you, God!

     Also grateful for my coworker Kathy, who is willing to pick me up at 4:30 AM Saturday morning and take me to the airport. She's used to working very early hours, but it's still quite nice of her!

     Wonderfully stuffed after the pasta bar at Da Vinci's with a bunch of my coworkers...followed up by some fabulous homemade apple pie from Dawn! (A sort of 'moving out of our old haunts' celebration.)

     Also very happy with my Triune page progress. Got my unFAQ open, my front page almost done, my hub page done, half the avarii essay up, all the cross-linking for it done... Feels quite good, since I've been pottering about in there since the middle of July!
Tags: essay: avarii, job: coworkers, triune: misc

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