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A couple bright spots:

     Paid users can edit LJ comments! That will be so nice for when I spot glaring typos or forget to close html brackets!

     Lunch with Christi on Thursday--been almost a month since I last saw her.

     Wonderful United Way fundraiser: jeans stickers. I so love wearing jeans on a Friday.

     The few of us that were at work today all rushing to the windows to savor an unexpected snow shower. Oh, fabulous! (Only some five minutes long, but I'm just getting my appetite whetted.)

     Surprise lunch out with Dawn and Nancy, and got to meet Dawn's twin sister, Denise (and a coworker friend of hers). At Chipotle's--and I'm still full now!

     No overtime this weekend...which hopefully translates into more writing and art progress!
Tags: chipotle, job: coworkers, job: other, snow
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