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Well, work has been trying to stomp me flat this week (and sickness decimating Greg's side of things now) so I'm grateful for what I've enjoyed and accomplished despite that:

     Monday morning and Tuesday morning both brought spectacular sunrises--and I grabbed my camera for Tuesday. The shots are a little blurry--a tripod would have done the trick, but I was trying to scramble for the bus stop. Practically the entire sky was streaked with pink and blue and wonderfully exotic-hued lighting--what a treat!


shot 1: looking east
shot 2: looking north-east
shot 3: looking north along the road I walk on to the bus stop.


     Pleased that I got my avarii essay editing done and it all uploaded to my Triune page with its illustrations. (And enjoying the wallpaper and puzzle I made from one of the illustrations.)

     Happy that I got started on the gift dialogue for ME that I babbled about on my main LJ back in August. The writing bug just had to bite at 11 am at work Tuesday, but writing the first sentence down and e-mailing it home worked!

     Touched by Pantha's sweetness in telling me about her first blood donation and how I was an inspiration. =D

     And happy to have everything in place to 'open' my Triune place at last, after all the legwork I've done in there since July.

     Pleased that tomorrow is Thursday already!
Tags: beside the embers, essay: avarii, photos, skyscapes, triune: misc
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