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Work's been busy for me since the moment I stepped in the door, so here I am posting on my lunch break what I meant to post in the morning:

     Neither headache nor stomachache could defeat me last night--only delay a little. I finished 'Beside the Embers'--my gift dialogue written just for ME! It is hard to express how fun it was to write something set after the end of my fifth book, to strew book 4&5 spoilers around like confetti, and not have to worry about it, to write about stuff that's been in my mind for some 13-14 years, and actually see it in words--to view the 'destination' that I've been aiming at for oh, so, so long. Just wow!

     The 'inner Alyssa' was squealing at me last night, but heh heh, when I edit, I think I'm going to stomp on her and amp up the sap just a little bit more. 'Tis MY dialogue, after all!

     I'm also happy with the notes I took for 'Gift' yesterday. That's entry #1 on my 'What's cooking...' page, and hopefully I can start writing it this weekend!
Tags: beside the embers, gift for parting
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