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A couple nice events/accomplishments:

     Got a package from my most wonderful mother on Friday. I picked it weighed so much I got suspicious. AND THERE WAS A JUG OF TRADER JOE'S SPICY CIDER IN THERE!!!! Which is so nice of her, considering she had told me she wouldn't send me anymore since they weigh so much for shipping. That stuff I'm going to savor like it's pure ambrosia! Got a loaner of Star Trek: OS season 1 too, yay!

     I also finally made the plunge and joined the 'dark side'--that being the world of DSL internet connections. My ISP was offering free DSL modems AND free six months of DSL on their end (excluding phone company charges) and with my medical costs coming down in January--couldn't pass it up this time. It should be interesting...

     Got the Portal Page illustration for 'Hened Ascendant' done, so that's not holding things up anymore.

     And got a little monologue of sorts written for my Triune page on Friday and the illustration done on Saturday. Feels good to have something up in there that's not a map or essay!
Tags: hened ascendant, movies, spicy cider, triune: misc
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