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Shouts · of · Joy

An interesting start to the month, the year, indeed...…

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An interesting start to the month, the year, indeed...

     2005, between various events and the heartlessness of one person, destroyed whatever semblance of writerly self-esteem I possessed. Great harm done, but not destruction...I can live without it, persevere without it.

     And here I am in the beginning of 2007. Last year was non-fiction reading, and I want to continue with that, but this year I also want to go back and savor some of the titles on my shelves.

     So here I am, having reread 2 and a half books I was fond of as a teenager...and realizing that I am better technically as a writer than all three of those authors.

     Of course I'm not letting myself make too much of this--these books are hardly classics by any definition, nor is polish/proper grammar/avoiding 'hack' writing the sole component of a good story--of course not!

     But still I find myself cheered and heartened, and I am very grateful for it. Thank you, God, for letting me see this. For giving me something to place on the other side of the scales!
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