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Just a wonderful Thanksgiving today...

     Got my Portal Page illustration for 'Gift' done, and my animation underway (reading 3 hrs left, been running for around 11).

     The most wonderful weather for Thanksgiving--SNOW! Big fluffy twirling-around flakes falling from mid-morning through most of the afternoon, so so gorgeous--but hardly any sticking, a blessing for travelers. Snowfall on Thanksgiving Day is just so right.

     A simply wonderful time with the Towners (family friends) for some eight hours. It was the smallest Thanksgiving gathering I've had in my life--just four of us--but we still had a great time.

     The loads of food they pressed upon me to bring home (bananas, clementines, rolls, turkey, slices of three varieties of pie...).

     Comments on 'Hened' from Shanra! *squee-glomp*

     And the most wonderful time of the year opening up--though I'll wait until December 1st before I start celebrating winter and Christmas. Come, winter, come!
Tags: gift for parting, hened ascendant, snow
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