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Tonight I am grateful that I...

     Survived the long weekend. Sunday afternoon-evening and Monday morning were especially rough; worst bout in a while.

     Got to savor the beauty of a not-quite-full moon rising over the trees Sunday before church that evening. So gorgeous!

     Finally got my 'exhausted' avatar finished. It's only been leering at me from my projects list for over a year now, and I've certainly had much cause to use it! Of course I like the bigger version better...

     Finally watched 'The Magnificent Seven' that my parents loaned me. Westerns aren't generally my thing, so I was pleased to enjoy it more than I expected.

     Made some progress with writing! On Saturday I started my third story for this month (fourth if I include the gift dialogue). 'Saenna,' (or 'Sheltering Wings' for the proper title) which is pretty much smack in the middle of my 'What's cooking...' page. Nice little stretch too, because 'Hened,' 'Embers,' and 'Gift' were all pretty dialogue-heavy, the easiest thing for me to write. 'Saenna' and the next story I want to attack ('Allegiance') have hardly any at all--so great 'exercise'!
Tags: art, avatars, movies, sheltering wings, skyscapes
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