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Today was pretty good:

     A surprise in the morning. I didn't even think of checking the weather, so I headed off (late as usual) to the bus stop in a skirt, fall jacket, wet hair, and a headband. Bang! It was like hopping a time machine to January! Once I got to work I found out that it was single digits outside, with a wind chill of -5 (-21 C). Wheeeee--rather unusual to see that sort of cold in November! Also happy that my lungs weren't too put out by the whole affair.

     A workday that was quite busy but not overwhelming. Just what I needed. (Though aside from Dawn playing with her paper airplane again, the coworkers were pretty sedate.)

     A comment on part of my Avarii essay from the wonderful Pantha! Oh how sweet to get a comment, after all the work I put into it! =D

     Two things on my Daz3d wishlist (stuff for Poser) got put on sale at 50% off today! YAY! I've been waiting on those for a year and a half! (And what's left is both less important and cheaper.)

     Hit the 5k mark on 'Saenna,' yay! And just one scene left to write--double-yay!
Tags: essay: avarii, job: coworkers, job: work, sheltering wings
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