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Couple fun spots amid a rather odd workday...

     Pantha! *glomps* She read my avarii essay and finished it today, and then devoured 'Hened,' 'Insults,' AND 'Horanu'! Eeee!

     Something my doctor mentioned when we were talking about depression yesterday. Apparently there's a 'reverse SAD,' and she thought I could have it. I knew about SAD, but I'd never known there were some folks the opposite direction. So today I looked it up:
From the NAMI website
"In about 1/10th of cases, annual relapse occurs in the summer rather than winter, possibly in response to high heat and humidity. During that period, the depression is more likely to be characterized by insomnia, decreased appetite, weight loss, and agitation or anxiety. Patients with such "reverse SAD" often find relief with summer trips to cooler climates in the north. Generally, normal air conditioning is not sufficient to relieve this depression, and an antidepressant may be needed."

     Not that I'd wish that on anyone, but it is rather comforting to know I'm not just 'weird.' I'm also glad I don't seem to have it as severely as some.

     Having Damien drop by my Elfwood page--been over three years since he was around last!

     Annnnd they're talking about a jumbo winter storm tomorrow. Trying not to get too excited...but what wonderful timing!
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