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Saturday was simply wonderful...

     Finally had both the parts and energy I needed, so I got my DSL installed at last. It is sure nice to not have to get online with dial-up just to check my e-mail--and even more nice to spend 45 minutes downloading something that would have taken 9+ hours the old way!

     It was also a gorgeous Saturday, with snow falling from 9 am onward; nothing like falling snow to boost both my energy and my spirits. And I got to go out and shovel my sidewalk twice! Sure beats last winter where I didn't get to wield a shovel until February!

     Christmas music all day long and the first of the winter/Christmas decorating...and great progress with editing both 'Gift' and 'Saenna.'

     Lovely feedback on 'Hened' from my sister-in-law, and a late start on my 'Saenna' illustrations.

     Simply a fabulous day!
Tags: gift for parting, hened ascendant, sheltering wings, snow
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