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Tonight I'm glad that...

     It's Friday!

     I managed to make it home in a timely fashion one day this week. Better than zero! =P

     Their were bright spots bestowed by kindness in what was a very long, draining, rather low, and quite frustrating week: Sarah's e-mail link about something that reminded her of hyarmi, Pantha's comment asking about my stories, and Beth too--I got a package from her on Thursday! (Do you mind if I wait on opening it until Christmas?)

     I got to watch The Cat Returns this evening. The Baron rather reminds me of a cross between t'DoL and Sherlock Holmes. Needless to say, I'm having fun drooling. *wipes chin*

     Even if practically everything else feels stalled for a lack of time/energy at the moment, at least I've been making good progress with editing.
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