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I am very blessed.

     I surprised myself with the strength of the emotion I felt when I went back to work on Monday--how happy I was to see my coworkers again, how I'd missed them without even realizing it.

     Of course I'm having fun analyzing myself over the matter. Part of it is that I don't get comfortable with people quickly--but I've worked with some of my coworkers for nine years now, a long time even for me. Working with a few of them one-on-one over the summer has helped me get closer as well. I've probably bonded more to my job both because it's asked more of me (and provided loads of wonderful learning opportunities) and because with my parents moving away, I appear to have unconsciously shifted to compensate for the loss.

     I am tremendously blessed both with the job I have and the people I work with. There's no paying job on the planet that I would do for pure joy; the things I like tend to be low-paying sorts of affairs. But this is as close as it gets, and the splendid boss and coworkers I have are a huge part of making it golden. My boss Jodi is fabulous, her boss is incredible--she actually cares about the people way beneath her, and not just figures and production.

     Regardless, I love it here. I have been tremendously blessed by God bringing me to this department on my second temp assignment way back in January of 1998. Here I've stayed, and here I would like to stay, so long as I can make ends meet and the work keeps coming.

     And now for that belated Christmas party... Salad, pasta, and pie. I'll probably be too stuffed to think this afternoon!
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